Rainbows, Walleyes, Wheatley, and Yeck Spoons

Some of the Days Catch

Some of the Days Catch

I went out fishing for a while this morning until the heat drove me in at about 10:30 A.M. I boated 8 walleye and 1 rainbow and 1 rainbow went away with one of my favorite Yeck spoons that was custom painted for me in my favorite color.

This was my own fault. I had a knot slip on me and rainbow will find every weak spot. I usually tie all new leaders every 5 or 6 trips and put 150 feet of new line on each reel. They got me this time though.

The heat got to me and although I can usually take a lot of heat, I was not feeling well and had to pack things up and head for home.

The fish were coming on 70-80 feet of line out on the large dipsey. Spoon color varied with the walleye and included purple demon, killer bee and my RDP. Both rainbow hit on RDP. I was trolling fairly quick at a solid 3 mph. Looks like fish are being caught over a large area now. I talked to a couple fellows that had a great morning perch fishing. They took a limit of 10-15 inch perch and I believe they were east of the harbour.

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