Some Hope For Rainbows on The SS Minnow

Bottom Temps July 28

Bottom Temps July 28

I went out Friday morning and abondoned my traditional location and headed East to 64 feet of water. I fished until about 11:00 AM and boated 1 small walleye. Fishing in my normal depth range was extremely tough. I have been relegated to dipsey divers. With the recent water temperature changes, the fish appear to be holding at greater depths. I may find it necessary to mount a couple riggers to fish the SS Minnow with the current conditions.

Below is the Wheatley Harbour Friday report. It indicates number of fish caught. You can completely disregard reported locations!! The Tournament is on. For example, reports of fish “south” in 55 or 60 feet of water is not possible. It doesn’t happen! What I like though is the fact that rainbows are being caught. That is a relief. It just indicates a change of tactics is necessary.

BOWS/PICK: 2bow caught SO at 55ft, 13/20bow by the windmills in 55-60ft of water, 3 limits on bows 12miles E in 55-60ft, 10bow 2pick at the windmills in 55ft, and 10bow 15miles E.

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