Wheatley Rainbow Fishing Still Off

Surface Temps Stabilize

Surface Temps Stabilize

I went out for a few hours yesterday morning but the wind picked up and I had to head in at 9:30 AM. The news was not good. I marked a lot of fish on the fish finder and worked some schools of bait fish the whole time. I caught 3 walleye and lost a small walleye by the boat when I tried to hand bomb it in.

I don’t know if the rainbow moved out or if they are just upset by conditions and are off the bite. They can be very tempermental. There is still lots of fresh water shrimp building on the lines and lots of bait fish so hopefully the rainbows will stay and turn on again.

The weather looks pretty miserable the next 2 days and opening day of the Big Boyz Tournament is not especially promising.

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