Rainbows and Walleyes Wheatley

We had an absolutely great morning. We limited out easily on rainbows and boated 6 nice walleye. I think our speed may have been a bit high for the walleyes. We caught the biggest rainbow I have ever boated and I honestly believe we lost a bigger one. I thought it felt like a snag at first but it moved with us. We backed down the motor and I tried to manage the drag with my thumb on the spool but I think I got a little too aggressive. It managed to spit the hook and thrashed on the surface for a few minutes. We turned in hopes of netting it but it recovered and dived to the depths.

Tyler, His Boat and 14.5 pound rainbow

The big rainbow that we brought to the net, I quickly guessed it might go 16 pounds. By the time we got home, reality and normal shrinkage brought it down to 14.5 pounds. It was still the biggest I had brought home to date. Colors – killer bee early and Michigan Stinger copper watermelon after the sun came up some. Most fish were caught on the down line of the riggers at 40 feet.


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