Fishing Report Leamington, Wheatley, Pelee Island, Detroit River


Walleye (Photo credit: Mykl Roventine)

Jigging for walleye in the Detroit River is progressing well. Smaller fish are showing up in numbers. Earlier in the run many large fish were boated when conditions allowed. The wind, rain and dirty water resulting was making it more difficult but those who persisted caught nice fish. I made a few trips this past week with my son. We hung in there and caught a wide variety of sizes which I like to see. Overall it appeared that many of the rivers jiggers prefer the Finn S rubber minnow. I have used that bait for many years now and aside from the 4″ natural looking brown worm, that is my bait of choice. Jig head and rubber color vary with water clarity.

The lake walleye fishermen are catching fish in U.S. waters out from the spawning areas and the walleye are on the move. They are jigging and slow trolling for the walleye during this early lake bite.

Fishing Leamington, Pelee Island, Wheatley

There have been no significant reports of catches of perch or walleye around Leamington, Point Pelee or Wheatley yet. I imagine perch can be caught around Grub Reef and in deeper water off Pelee Island and the shipping channel. No significant numbers of walleye have moved north into Canadian water yet but this latest spell of warm weather will definitely have them on the move.

Colchester would normally be the early location for walleye and it offers some great perch fishing through a big portion of the year. I would think some of the regulars are catching perch out off Colchester Harbour but I haven’t actually heard any reports myself.

Let’s hope Mother Nature goes our way and sets up for a great fishing season in the Leamington, Wheatley waters. I will begin posting any significant developments throughout the season.

Good Luck and Good Fishing this year!


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