Wheatley Fishing Outlook June 30 – July 3

This weather really looks good to set up some great fishing out of Wheatley. It is exactly what we need to bring the bows in, bunch up baitfish and develop a thermocline. I see good things ahead for the Wheatley walleye and rainbow fishing.

I have put together a little information graphic using the data I will be looking at for my weekend fishing. I hope to have the SS Minnow out on the water Saturday morning. Looks like the winds will be pretty light and I just need to ensure no thunderstorms will move in on me. The data is complements of my software purchase from “Prime Times Solunar Tables“. I have no financial interest in their product. I just feel they are the best on the market!

Weekend Fishing Wheatley

Weekend Fishing Outlook Wheatley

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