Went walleye fishing near Leamington Ontario Saturday. We caught some very nice fish and lost a couple of big fish as well. The size seems exceptionally large at this time. If that trend continues once we are in full swing, we are going to require larger coolers for a day’s catch. This is still pretty early for Leamington walleye fishing so things are setting up for a great season I think.

We fished just west of Leamington Marina and stayed pretty well in 24 feet of water. Most guys are pulling worm harnesses and bottom bouncers at about 1.5 mph but that really isn’t my game. I wanted to make some walleye fishing video of my method Saturday but the camera stayed at home on the table. I will take care of that soon. I don’t like pulling meat and I am am using methods unconventional to this area but it works fantastic.

More on this coming soon. Watch for more on unconventional walleye fishing near Leamington Ontario in western Lake Erie.

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