Rainbows and Yeck Spoons Top Off My Year

Yeck Spoons Rule

Yeck Spoons Rule

Well I remember posting quite some time ago that it appeared the rainbow fishing was setting up very nicely out of Wheatley. I would say that is turning out to be an under-statement. I went out again Saturday and took an older friend with me in the SS Minnow.

We had another great day and rainbows were there to be taken again. We really had a lot of fun and we had 21 fish on. As with that game we lost a bunch of them but we did manage to boat 9 rainbow trout and 5 walleye and most of the fish were big. I can’t ever remember the season going on so long and so consistent.

Nothing changed with my baits. As has been the case the whole season – I could have fished my 2 favorite colors of Yeck Spoons and my custon painted color that I call RDP. Yeck spoons are simply the best. Now I just need to convince them to paint my RDP and send me some  “Black Demons” and my my lure dreams have all come true.

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