Expand Your Fishing Range

If we have been thrown a full scale temperature inversion, we may need to adjust our tactics to fish the recent apparent water temperature rollover. It is likely that the water “mixed up” and lower levels have warmed up. This is not all gloom and doom as long as the overall temperature did not drop enough to signal the rainbows that it is time to move on. They don’t have calendars and clocks. They have physical signals. I think we may be OK this time and the rainbows will hang in there. (I am hoping)

You may have noticed the walleyes have not been severely affected. They have a wider temperature comfort zone. The thing to keep in mind is this fact. Typically when fishing rainbow, we can almost ignore the bottom 1/3 of the water. If it comes up to the same temperature as the upper layers of water, it adds 50 percent more water we need to fish. Yes  – that bottom 1/3 is 50 percent of the top 2/3. The wave action breaks up the large schools of baifish and large schools of baitfish attract large numbers of predator fish. We need calmer conditions to bunch them up again.

Hoping the rainbows do not go away, we will need to be more vigilant in observing where the fish are holding and probably expand our depth range. As the water layers up again (if it does in fact layer up) our target zone will become smaller and fishing will be easier. Until then, you are going to be stuck with fish spread out all over and fewer “hot spots”. I think we will still have rainbows but we will need to be more than just “random and lucky” fishing for them!

My very “Best Tip” right now – watch your fishfinder. If you are lucky enough to spot 2 large schools of baitfish within 1/4 mile, you better fish it! Your odds increase dramatically!



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