Fishing Report Wheatley August 3 2013 from SS Minnow

SS Minnow fishing Wheatley

Rainbow Walleye Wheatley July 20 2011

The SS Minnow Wheatley fishing report indicates that it looks like a bunch of fish have moved in for the end of the Big Boyz fishing tournament. I fished Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and did very well on walleyes ( boated 25 walleye myself fishing the SS Minnow) and boated several rainbow trout  as well. It appears that fish are scattered over a wide range and you can catch both species almost anywhere now, A few fishermen occasionally hit on a higher concentration of fish and have a great day.




Looks like the SS Minnow fishing in Wheatley might manage to stay on the board for the top 10 walleye of the tournament but I have been slowly bumped from number 2 to number 7 last check.

Keep tuned in for the Wheatley Fishing Report.


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