Fishing Walleye – Detroit River and Western Lake Erie

Spring Walleye Fishing

Spring Walleye Fishing

The walleye season is fully underway now in the Detroit River. The weather is going to be the key to the fisherman’s success. Although fish are spread the length of the Detroit River from Lake St Clair right down to Lake Erie, water conditions have not been good. It is always very challenging when jigging walleye, to pull then from dirty water. Recent wind activity has made boat control a bit more difficult and has caused the water to be dirty in some popular areas. Some very nice fish have been caught from cleaner water and there have been reports of walleye up to 13.6 pounds.

Several consecutive days of nice warm weather and low winds will really
accelerate the catch rates now. Popular areas to fish include Peche Island,
Belle Isle, The Ren Cen, Ambassador Bridge, Hiram Walkers, Windsor Casino, Great Lakes Steel, Morton Terminal, Windsor Salt Mine, Fighting Island, Mud Island, BASF, and the Trenton Channel, just to name a few of the favourite holes.

This hot spring walleye fishing continues on right out into the mouth of Western Lake Erie where big water fishermen will find considerable success with the hungry post spawn walleye.

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