Catch the Big Fish

These Are the Big Fish Days

I am a great believer in the moon and sun effect on fish and wildlife!

I am predicting the winning fish for the upcoming Big Boyz fishing tournament will be caught on one of these days. Let’s have some fun and see if it works out.

July 26

July 30

July 31




SS Minnow Wheatley Fishing Report

Wheatley Fishing Report July 7 2016

It looks like the water is warming up and should be bringing the fish closer to Wheatley.

The data available to me suggests warmer water but not really any thermocline developed yet.

Water Temps Wheatley July 7 2016

20 feet water     70 degrees
30 feet water     67.5 degrees
35 feet water     66 degrees
40 feet water     64 degrees
50 feet water     59 degrees

SS Minnow Wheatley Fishing Report

 1/8 Inch Walleye

31 1/8 Inch Walleye



Fishing Wheatley July 3 2016

I need a fish like this for the tournament!

A few more nice walleye and rainbows are showing up in Wheatley waters.


Wheatley Fishing Report June 30 2016

Walleye and Rainbow Wheatley

Fishing appears to be picking up as expected.

I went out today and fished east of Wheatley harbor. I picked up a couple nice walleye and a rainbow. I marked a few more fish today. I caught my fish 30 feet down on rigger and dipsey.

The long range weather forecast offers exactly what we need to bring the fish in.




Wheatley Fishing Report June 25 2016

First Rainbow Trout of the Year – no monster but it is a start!

I went out to 63 feet of water today. I marked a few fish mostly down at 40 feet. I caught one rainbow on the downrigger set at 40 feet.

First Bow of the Year

First Bow of the Year




Water Temps Wheatley

Water Warming Wheatley Waters

June 24 2016 water temps 45 feet water Wheatley

45 feet water 57 degrees
40 feet water 58 degrees
20 feet water 64 degrees
10 feet water 68 degrees
1  foot water 68 degrees

Year 2011 was a very great year fishing out of Wheatley
June 24 2011 water temps 45 feet water Wheatley

45 feet water 65 degrees
40 feet water 65 degrees
20 feet water 69 degrees
10 feet water 69 degrees
1  foot water 69 degrees


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