2017 Wheatley Water Temps Slightly Behind 2016

Wheatley Fishing Report – Water Temps Slowly Rising

Data Provided by the “GLOS” Great Lakes Observing System

June 15 2017 Water Depth and Temp

45 Feet water 56 degrees
40 Feet water 59 degrees
20 Feet water 62 degrees
10 Feet water 65 degrees
1 Feet water 67 degrees

June 24 2016 water temps 45 feet water Wheatley

45 feet water 57 degrees
40 feet water 58 degrees
20 feet water 64 degrees
10 feet water 68 degrees
1  foot water 68 degrees

Year 2011 was a very great year fishing out of Wheatley
June 24 2011 water temps 45 feet water Wheatley

45 feet water 65 degrees
40 feet water 65 degrees
20 feet water 69 degrees
10 feet water 69 degrees
1  foot water 69 degrees

Lake Erie Walleye Info

Lake Erie Walleye Populations – Data Supplied By Ontario MNR

Age composition (in percent) of Walleye harvest by US Sport Fishery and Canadian Commercial Fisherman in Lake Erie during 2016. Canadian Sport Fishing Data not available.

Age – Percent of Total Harvest For 2016
1   14.7
2   32.0
3   13.6
4   5.7
5   7.2
6   5.6
7+  21.1

Year Class – Year of sampling – Millions of Fish
*** I hope I have interpreted the Chart That I used Correctly

Spawn Numbers in Millions by Year Class

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
The following is an overview of the status of major species in Ontario waters of Lake Erie for 2015. International lake-wide perspectives are available in the following reports of the Lake Erie Committee (LEC) of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission:
Walleye Task Group Report

The lake-wide commercial Walleye harvest (4.9 million pounds) in 2015 approximated the mean harvest from 2000 to present (4.8 million pounds) but was below the mean harvest from the inception of individual transferable quotas (ITQs) (1984 to present; 6.4 million pounds). In 2015, the commercial Walleye fishery was composed mainly of the 2003 (age 12), and 2014 (age 1) year classes, with contributions from the 2011 (age 3), 2013 (age 2), and 2010 (age 4) year classes. Age 1 Walleye were mainly captured as by catch in small mesh (<3” mesh size) gill net fisheries. The lake-wide fall gill net survey also indicated a strong presence of age 12 and age 1 Walleye. Interagency trawling to assess year class strength indicated a strong 2014 year class and a strong 2015 year class. The fall gill net survey also indicated a strong 2015 year class which will recruit to the fishery in 2017. Overall, the abundance of fishable Walleye in the west and central basins is at a below average level, but is expected to improve by 2017.

The Walleye population in eastern Lake Erie consists of mixed stocks including those originating from east basin shoals, the Grand River (Ontario), United States tributaries, and immigrants from the western portion of the lake. Representation of older Walleye is typically greater in eastern Lake Erie compared to other regions of the lake. The greater average age of Walleye in the eastern basin is due in part to the contribution of older migratory individuals originating from the western basin. In 2015, the strong 2003 year class at age 12 represented 20% of the commercial harvest in Ontario statistical districts 4 and 5 combined, and the 2010 year class (age 5) represented 24% of the fishery. Ages 5 and 12 Walleye also comprised a significant fraction of the Walleye caught in the east basin Partnership gill net survey in 2015. Fishery and survey indicators were positive for east basin Walleye abundance although juveniles were not caught in the east basin Partnership survey.

2 year old fish available by year


Comparing 2015 to 2014

2017 Walleye Numbers by Age

Angler Hours Per Year

Kilometers Net Set Per Year

mean age of fish harvested

Spawn Numbers in Millions by Year Class

Value Fish Caught commercially Canadian Waters Lake Erie

walleye Abundance

walleye Harvested

2017 Maybe Best Walleye Fishing Ever

Walleye Population In Very Good Shape for Many Years Ahead

Big Lake Erie Walleye

Information from Travis Hartman the Lake Erie Program Administrator at the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Sandusky Fish Research Unit provides much insight and maybe answers a few questions about fish size and age.
Travis states “I think that literally, these next three to four years we’ll see some of the best Lake Erie walleye fishing we’ve seen in a long time.”

Hartman bases his outlook on some promising numbers. Estimates from 2016 put the Erie walleye population around 33 million and nearly half of those were from the large 2014 year class. Walleyes from the 2015 year class joining the party as 2-year-olds seem a little chunkier than the previous group, Hartman said. Combining the strength of these two recent groups with large, mature fish from 2003 yields a stellar 2017 outlook.

For clarity, Hartman notes that late springs typically equal exceptional year classes because walleye larvae emerge just in time to capitalize on large plankton blooms. With late ice postponing the spawns of 2003, 2014 and 2015 until late March or early April, those little walleye enjoyed belly-stuffing buffets.

We have walleye living over 20 years up here and we had one of the biggest year classes we’ve ever seen in 2003,” Hartman says. “Those fish are 14 years old now and they’re the ones providing all the 10- to 13-pounders that have been caught recently.

“Early in the season, a lot of those 2015 fish are going to be below the 15-inch limit, so as the season progresses, it should get better and better with more of the fish being caught being legal size. There are most likely, 15-inch 2-year-olds from the 2015 year class right now, but by June and into July, you’re really going to see numbers of them hitting that legal size.”

Western Lake Erie Fishing 2017

North Shore Fishing Western Lake Erie

Well it looks like the fishing has started around Colchester and Leamington. It appears that a large number of smaller walleye have showed up out of Leamington Marina. Fish have been caught just west of the marina and also the other direction towards the Park Gates.

It seems that we are seeing a couple year classes of smaller fish. This is a good sign for future fishing. Last year provided a huge school of fish ranging from 7″ to 12 and 14 inches.

I saw a few fish caught just west of the marina last week that ranged from 2 3/4 pounds to about 4 3/4 pounds. Things are looking pretty good already. I consider this early for the Leamington area.

The Big Boyz Fishing Tournament out of Wheatley managed by the Southwest Outdoor Club (SWOC) will run from July 28 to August 6 this year.

Mixing Tom’s Fish Batter

Why Buy Overpriced Fish Batter

I posted previously about my homemade fish batter. People seem to love it on fish and chicken also. Some want to know the ingredients and the best way is to show you. I never measure but have a system.


Extreme Depths Grub Reef

Deep and Shallow – Western Lake Erie

Western Lake Erie does not offer any significant depth extremes. For the most part the main portion of Western lake erie runs around 35 feet deep.
Shoreline and the very southwest corner offers most of the shallow water.
For the most part, the deeper water can only be found around Grub Reef and East of there.

Grub Reef in fact offers the shallow water and deep water in close proximity and may offer the only place to find depth extremes in close proximity in all of Western Lake Erie.

Waters 21 Feet Deep or Less

21 Feet or Less

21 Feet or Less

Waters Greater than 40 Feet Deep


Greater than 40 feet

Greater than 40 feet


Shallow and Deep Water Highlighted Together

less than 20 and Greater than 40

less than 20 and Greater than 40

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