Yeah – I’m fishing “Straight Out”

I hear it so often I get annoyed at the stupidity. I am “straight out of the harbour“, “straight out off of the red barn” “straight out off of the water tower”. Every boat out there is straight out from the harbour or something. The only issue is this – some are straight south, some are straight out SE and some are straight out east. EVERYBODY IS STRAIGHT OUT FROM THE HARBOUR.

How many guys have reported this year that they fished SOUTH of the Wheatley harbour in 55 or 60 feet of water.

Do you know, you can drive south out of Wheatley harbour and you won’t find 55 or 60 feet of water even if you drive 10 hours at cruising speed.


Well, I haven’t fished for a couple days and had to write something!!!

Wheatley, Leamington fishing Report – Looks like fishing is absolutely great and walleye are hot on the west side of Point Pelee also.

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