Big Boyz Tournament Seeing Fish

It looks like things have settled enough to bring some nice fish into the weigh station. Walleyes are available and some good fish are coming in from a wide variety of locations.

Rainbows can still be caught but you need to get out farther from the harbour this year. My typical closer runs for the SS Minnow are not there and I need to be extremely mindfull of the weather in that boat. I need to be sure I can get back home in the event of foul weather and we had an exceptional amount of swell activity from the east this year.

I went out Saturday morning and ran a long distance down east. I boated 3 rainbow and 2 nice walleye in the morning. A friend of mine was nearby and had a great day boating good numbers of rainbow and walleye. He had the luxury of many lines in the water.

My son was out in his boat with the family and boated several walleye and was at the top of the leaderboard for the day when I left.

Another friend and his buddy had their boats out Sunday and smacked both species real good but they were a LONG RUN from Wheatley harbour.

Overall, the fishing can be very good but you will need to put on some miles to catch the rainbows. I just hope I get one or two more light wind days so I can get the SS Minnow out there and boat some fish. I am going to make a long run if I get the right weather.

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