If you like the outdoors and enjoy nature, then you may be planning a camping trip to get away from the daily grind of

civilization and rough it a little. If you are like many people, then you may not want to take thr term “roughing it” to

the extreme. One place where roughing it isn’t always that nice, is your sleeping gear. Roughing it should not mean

that you can not get a good night of sleep.
That’s when having a good inflatable camping air mattress can really make a difference. After all, how much are you

really going to enjoy the nature trip if you don’t get a good night’s sleep? If you find it difficult to sleep well, you might

be a little cranky the next day, or you might end up with aches and pains from either the cold, damp ground or those

twigs and rocks that poke and prod you through your sleeping bag.
In such instances, having a quality air mattress can save the day, or even the whole trip.For many years, the Coleman

camping air mattress has been a favorite choice of outdoorsmen. Why not take advantage of these lightweight addons

that can have such a dramatic affect on your enjoyment of the outing.
 When you need to travel light, the air mattresses are easy to tuck into your luggage or roll right up with your sleeping

bag. They are even light enough to include with the backpacking gear without giving up other essential items yet will

not add significant weight to your load.There are a number of other manufacturers of camping equipment and some of

them also make camping air mattresses.
 However, the Coleman camping air mattress is a favorite among sportsmen, hikers, campers and the like because of

their reputation for making quality, long lasting products. Some inflatable models come with the air pump built right

into the unit.
Others have padded surfaces and velour toppers, which can be added for comfort or removed for increased portability.

For most campers, they choose the most simple inflatable air mattress style, which inflates manually. This makes them

more convenient and lightweight.
The vinyl that is used in a camping air mattress is typically of a very high-quality, is long-lasting and durable. However,

there are limitations to any type of inflatable. One area of special caution, if you have a active pet that chews or

scratches, make sure to keep them separated from your camping air mattress.
As with all air beds, you will also need to take care to keep sharp objects away and if sleeping out of doors on the

ground, be sure to check for sharp rocks or sticks that can cause damage.
If you plan on being out in the wilderness for any length of time, it is a good idea to carry along patching material so

that you can make repairs in the field.
While the camping air mattress is certainly not indestructible, it is designed to survive considerably harsh conditions.
Investing in good quality camping air mattresses can prove to make your camping experience much more pleasant.

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