The King of Wheatley Fishing


Steve Derbyshire

It is a fun time of the year. the Big Boyz fishing tournament is going on. Me and my 2 boys always love it, catch a few nice fish and enjoy the challenge.
WE have a big problem though. If you are going to get high on the leader board, you will no doubt need to catch a bigger fish than “Derb” has put on the board.
He is without a doubt the Richard Petty of Wheatley fishing. We may get lucky aand get a bigger fish than Derb on the odd day but there is no way we will better him in the long haul.  It is sort of like beating Kyle Busch in a Nascar race. You won’t do it often but dam it feels good the odd time you do.

Feast On some of these Pics With Derb

Britt Anne Nice Fish




Happy Boys

Gary – Big Fish

Nice Lynette!

Lynette Again Wow


A day fishing with Derb can be a dream come true for you. He will take you on a charter you will enjoy and remember.



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