We Will All Remember The Good Old Days Fishing Lake St Clair and Thames River

We Will All Remember The Good Old Days!

My family and I have spent many hours fishing Lake St Clair, the Thames River and Lake Erie. We have a lot of good memories and sometimes it is easy to say “remember the good old days.”We caught a lot of fish and had a lot of fun fishing the Thames River in the days when we could count on a big winter run of “pickerel” as we called them in those days. We got out of bed well before daybreak and drove to the Thames River somewhere near Prairie Siding. Everybody knew the hotspots – the church, the private property off Jeanette’s Creek, Prairie Siding. We had to stop and get minnows along the way.

The old Prairie Siding General Store was a beehive of activity in those days. They had bait, tackle, fries and hotdogs or burgers. They were the “place to go” for the latest river fishing news.

There was an early bite and late bite on most days. We caught many fish and a wide variety. Sometimes the channel cats were on the bite and we might catch 10-15 cats through the ice. Most interesting might be the size of fish caught. I have attached a picture. As you can see, a great day meant several small fish caught.

Well, we had a real “Big Day!” We pulled out a monstrous (LOL) pickerel through the ice. In our minds – this dam fish has got to be a world record. We roared over to the Prairie Siding General Store to have this monster weighed. They did that for us in those days. The giant weighed 5 pounds 5 ounces. Man, we were jumping at that catch! Where would that fish sit today? It wouldn’t earn honorable mention now. Does that diminish the excitement of the day. Not at all!

I remember my wife and her sister complaining all the time about the cold pee pot. ( You Know – the blanket and pot on the ice) What else could we do? Didn’t seem like a big deal to us guys. Well I decided to do something for them. I had a mink pelt hanging and I glued the pelt around the lip of the old enamel pee pot. I told them they had a pot fit for a queen and I didn’t want any more grumbling about the pee pot. I don’t think they thought it was as great as I said it was!

Yeah we had a lot of “Good Old days.” I miss those days but they have been replaced by the current “Good Old Days.” How can you look down your nose on a day out on Lake Erie where you catch a limit of Rainbow trout and a limit of “walleye” and a small fish for the day might go “5 pounds 5 ounces.”

Go with it. We will all have Good Old Days, no matter the generation.


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