Rainbow and Walleye Fishing really Turning On

Yeck Spoons Fishing Wheatley

Yeck Spoons Fishing Wheatley

Rainbow and walleye fishing really picking up. I think I can safely say we are officially there now and we should have good fishing for a couple months until the water starts to cool and winds mix it up.

Saturday was a little bit tough but still showed great potential. I actuyally fished a pretty lomg day for my usual and fished into mid afternoon. I covered a little more territory than usual. I ended up catching 5 walleyes and 2 rainbows.

I started at about 52 feet of water just east of the white stake and trolled east to about 56 and seemed to lose the fish so I went back into 54 feet. I caught 4 walleyes and color varied including my usual yeck spoons of RDP (the rainbow colored spoon), Killer Bee, and Purple Demon. I was getting itchy for a bow and my son Trevor picked up a pair of bows over south of the white stake so I trolled that way but the fish seemed to turn right off for a good 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I gave up that location and headed back east and curved in toward shore a bit as I pointed toward the windmills.

I got into about 52 feet and was marking a large number of good fish on my Garmin. Things seemed to turn on for a bit and I boated 2 rainbow trout and 1 more walleye. One thing unusual for my typical day was the fact that I had to send out more line on my dipseys than I usually use. I caught several fish with 100-110 feet of line out on my big dipseys.

On the way into harbour I had some engine trouble and although I made it into harbour I need to get that resolved before I go back out. Anybody got a carb kit for a 1978 (I think) 20 HP Mercury.

It looks like things are really progressing rapidly. Sunday brought out a lot of fishermen and many of them caught fish. Good catches of walleye and rainbows were reported in a wide area so I guess the walleye and rainbow trout fishing report for Wheatley is GOOD!

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