Wheatley Fishing on the Downside

It looks the the rainbows are moving away from Wheatley. The boat pack was fishing about 18 miles east today and it seems to get farther away daily. This has put a strain on the limits of the SS Minnow. I made the run today but it was long.

I managed to boat a limit of walleyes but no rainbows. Bows were few and far between at the Wheatley end. To add to my frustration, I had a huge walleye beside the boat and in the effort to wrangle the rod with one hand and get the fish into the big net with the other hand, I tangled the net, caught the hooks in the net and this gave the fish the leverage to break loose and get away. I was irreconcileable at that point. It is going to take me a while to get over that greenhorn move. That was definitely a money fish.

The Big Boyz tournament ends in 2 days and I think the long run and dicey weather puts me out of it now. I am afraid the old SS Minnow is headed for the barn for the year! Looks like another Wheatley fishing season is on the way out and action will drop way off now.

It’s about time that I start preparing for the moose hunt and 24 hour drive to our hunting spot! It has been a different year out of Wheatley with the early water turnover. I have never found it necessary to run so far. I hope this year was an anomally and next year returns to traditional fish movement. Good luck and Good Fishing to all!


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