Fishing Report Leamington, Point Pelee, Pelee Island

Walleye fishing appears to be picking up steam and fish are moving closer to the north shore. Walleye have been caught on both west and east side of Pelee Island (mostly at the southern end) and some up at the NE corner. Some walleye are being caught in the Point Pelee and Colchester area as well.
I am waiting for better news and more specifics. I hope to have good news soon.
Yellow perch can be caught at Grub’s Reef also.

US Reports Western Basin

Walleye fishing is improving and has been best around West Sister Island, off of Niagara Reef, N of West Reef, E of North Bass Island on the Canadian border, and along the Canadian border E of Gull Island Shoal.  Fish have been caught by trolling with divers and spoons, inline weights and worm harnesses, and crankbaits.  Fish can also be caught by casting mayfly rigs or drifting with bottom bouncers and worm harnesses.

Yellow perch fishing has been best E of Ballast Island, E of the Kelleys Island airport, and S of Gull Island Shoal using minnows on perch spreaders fished near the bottom.

Fishing Reports Leamington, Pelee, Colchester

Fishing Reports Leamington, Pelee, Colchester

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