Jigging Walleye in Detroit River – Fishing Report

jigging-walleye-Detroit-RiverI am happy to say that jig fishing for walleye on the Detroit River has begun already. This latest round of fantastic weather has brought out the boats and walleye are making their way down the Detroit River. This is a welcome change from the disastrous weather last year that pretty well destroyed the season for the average angler. Fish were caught last year in a few locations that offer the chance in poor conditions but it required much water travel and the discomfort of bad weather.

I personally fished Monday (March 20) and Tuesday and with my grandson. We managed to boat 7 real nice walleye on Monday. The biggest was a spawned out female measuring 29 inches long.

Monday we pretty well fished the day just out of LaSalle in what we call the “Salt Mine Drift”. With conditions perfect and water extremely clear, I stick to natural colors. That meant I used a white jig head and a natural color finesse nminnow (black, gray, white) or a 4″ brown rubber worm.

Pretty well repeated the same on Tuesday – 7 walleye and great conditions. The fishing is not fast and furious yet but this is the earliest I have caught walleye on the Detroit river.

Caught 4 females in the 2 days and they were spawned out completely. I covered a little more territory Tuesday going up-river from LaSalle as far as the freighter refuelling station (near the Ambassador bridge). It was a day of just steady fishing and occasional catching but sure has been a great start to the season. I will likely be off the river for a few days now.


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