If you like to cook when you go camping, getting the right camping stove is very important. Some of you may have some terrifying experiences with those early monsters. They were prone to flare ups, leaks and failed to stay lit. The modern day camp stove differs so much that they make it fun to cook even when doing it the outdoor way.

They have self starters (push button) flame controls and self cleaning fuel-jets. The greatest thing is that competition has kept the price of camp stoves down so you can purchase a camp stove at an economical price.
When comparing liquid gas and compressed gas (propane) Camp stoves you will see they both can be bought with their own set of fearures and controls. You have to decide what works for you. Cartridge stoves are generally lighter and more maintenance free. Some like cartridge stove because they simmer better then liquid gas stoves.
 On the other side liquid gas stoves are less expensive and they are more environmentally friendly, there is no cartridge to discard. Liquid gas stove also burn hotter.
Camp stoves range from about twenty dollars for a single burner compressed gas stove to about two hundred dollars for a twin burner that can use multiple fuels. When you make the decision that you need a new stove these are some things to consider before buying.
First you need to consider what type of camping you are going to do such as backpacking, car and tent, camper, and then what type of camping environment you will be exposed to. This will determine if you need a light weight stove, how much space can be allotted to it andwhat type of fuel will be best.
 A liquid gas double burn is great for the car and camper but it may be two heavy for long distance backpacking and hiking. A canister stove will be lighter but may take up more room even after the canister is empty. You also need to find out what kind of fuel is readily available in the area you are going to be camping.
Lighting your gas camp stove is very important. Although many stoves utilize push button lighting features you need to be prepared with matches and or a lighter.
You need to keep in mind the climate you will be in. A liquid gas stove will have a stronger flame and will resists wind and moderate rain.
You will need to check the accessories that come with the stove, things like wind screen and adaptors for different fuels. You may want to consider carrying along a repair kit. Higher quality camp stoves usually include a repair kit of commonly needed parts.
In camping, weight is always a consideration. Camp stoves typically weigh anywhere from one to five pounds. If you plan to backpack,you may want a lighet camp stove than you could manage easily in a camper.

How much will you expect from your camp stove? Will you want to just boil water or do you want to cook a full meal. A single burner propane stove will be all you need for that. If you want to fry eggs and pancakes at the same time a double burner liquid gas stove will work better.
It might be noted that for safety reasons you should not use any cook stove in a tent. They can catch fire easily and will also fill small enclosed spaces with carbon monoxide fumes. You should only use your stove in a well ventilated area. Camping stoves are a great way to enhance your camping experience

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