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How Big is Ontario

Compare Ontario and US States for Size

I can drive 1479 miles to moose hunting and never get outside Ontario or I can drive across all the states to Florida and drive 1194 miles.

Citrus Park 1194 miles

Lake Mawley 1479 miles

Mixing Tom’s Fish Batter

Why Buy Overpriced Fish Batter

I posted previously about my homemade fish batter. People seem to love it on fish and chicken also. Some want to know the ingredients and the best way is to show you. I never measure but have a system.


Map of Pelee island and Middle Island.

Leamington Pelee fishing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It looks like the walleye fishing has come on pretty good to the Leamington and Pelee area. Good numbers of very nice walleye are being boated in the near Leamington area and some big fish are being boated off the NE corner of Pelee Island.
There have also been a few walleye boated off the east side of Point Pelee out of Wheatley.
Looks like things are turning on nicely.

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Fishing Videos to Pass the Winter Time

A Few Interesting Videos for The Lake Erie Fisherman.

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Canadian Tire (CTC) Expands Hunting Inventory

English: Canadian Tire store

English: Canadian Tire store (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was recently pleasantly surprised to discover that the Canadian Tire Store in Windsor on Tecumseh road east has expanded their selection of hunting products.

This is apparently a test site to gauge the need and response of sportsman in the area and this is one of several Canadian Tire Store test sites.

They are offering a number of items that you just won’t find in a multi-product store in Canada. The new expanded line of products includes a number of products that have been difficult to purchase outside the specialty gun shops.

I discovered a very nice selection of guns and rifles. On speaking with the manager, he was somewhat unsure which products would be best to bring in store but showed me a catalog listing hundreds of different guns and rifles that can be ordered on simple request. Don’t be afraid to ask and if you get a vague response from floor personnel, ask for the manager. This is all new stuff to the staff and they need to be aware of our needs and what the new Canadian Tire Inventory is offering.

You will be happy to discover many products previously difficult to purchase in a general store. Items include rifle brass, rifle powder and reloading dies, brand name scopes (Leupold), scope mounting bases, brand name ammo (such as Nosler), slings, bipods, primers, a nice selection of guns and rifles and many smaller items.

All sportsman need to check out their local Canadian Tire Store and inquire about locations offering this expanded hunting and shooting inventory. We need to support this move and keep it going in the right direction.


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Hunting Season in Full Swing

The Ontario Hunting Season is Here
Hunting News for Ontario

English: Cow moose

English: Cow moose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The hunting season is upon us and news will come out about successes, failures and transgressions. I personally have already experienced some success when my son and I took a nice cow moose in northern Ontario. I wish you all a safe and successful hunt this year!


The targeted area extended from the Hudson Bay and James Bay coasts in the north, to the French and Mattawa rivers in the south, and from the Ontario-Quebec border in the east to Lake Superior and Manitouwadge in the west.

From Oct. 6-12, conservation officers checked more than 3,200 hunters and uncovered 393 violations leading to 158 charges and 235 warnings. The blitz coincided with the opening of the regular gun season for moose in much of the region.

Charges were laid for a range of offences, including:

• Having loaded firearms in vehicles and boats;

• Unlawful possession of unencased firearms at night;

• Hunting without a licence;

• Trespassing to hunt;

• Hunting without validation tags and unlawful hunting of moose; and

• Careless hunting….More at 160 charges laid in hunting blitz – Timmins Press


More Reading



This is a typical report about the issues that surface during the hunting season in most areas in the world. There will always be good hunting stories and bad hunting stories. Let your hunting season be safe and a success by your own standards.


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