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Wheatley Fishing July 22 2017

Water Temps – No Thermocline

Fishing is very good for pickerel (walleye)  and rainbow trout in a wide range of water depths.

It looks as though no temperature thermocline has set up to this point in time.

Water Temps July 20 2017


Wheatley Fishing Report July 12 2017

Fish Caught as Reported at Wheatley Marina

Fishing Report July 12 2017
2/3 rainbow trout East 40ft
10 rainbow trout & 2 pickerel (walleye) 3.5 miles East (Jerry Lee orange lure)
5/9 rainbow trout East
5 rainbow trout & 4 pickerel (walleye) East
3 rainbow trout East Provincial Park
2 rainbow trout & 6 pickerel (walleye) East 64ft (pink lure)
14/23 rainbow trout & 4 pickerel (walleye) 8 miles East
10 rainbow trout & 4 pickerel (walleye) East 1st windmills 51-54ft (Jerry Lee lure)
4/6 rainbow trout & 4 pickerel (walleye) 4 miles East 60ft
4/8 rainbow trout 4 miles East, 6 rainbow trout 5 miles East
3/6 rainbow trout & 2 pickerel (walleye) 8 miles East 50ft
1 rainbow trout 5 miles East
9 rainbow trout &1 pickerel (walleye) East 50ft
8 rainbow trout & 3 pickerel (walleye) East gas well
4 rainbow trout & 1 pickerel (walleye) 10 miles East
2 man limit pickerel (walleye) South-East 55ft

Wheatley Fishing Report August 31 2016

SS Minnow Reports Fishing for Rainbows Great

This is just one day’s report by Wheatley Harbour Authority – Hot Hot Hot!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 – 6:38am
Currently it is 24ºC/75ºF and is expected to be 26ºC/79ºF feeling more like 32ºC/93ºF this afternoon. It is expected to be mainly sunny with a South wind of 7km/h this morning, increasing to a South-West wind of 15km/h by this afternoon.
Fishing Report: 2/3 bow 8 miles straight out 52ft using orange spoons, 1 bow west 50ft, 1 man limit bow by Point 51ft, 4 man limit bow (20/40 fish) 170º, 3 man limit bow west 47-51ft, 6/18 bow west by Point 50ft, 5/10 bow west 50-55ft, 6/9 bow west 52ft, 4 bow and 2 pick west 49ft, 7/12 bow by Point 50ft using orange spoons, 7/15 bow straight out 51ft, 5/8 bow west end of Point 50ft, 3 bow and 2 pick west 48-50ft, 9/13 bow 170º 10 miles 50ft, 9/20 bow straight out 50ft, 9 bow west 50ft, 4/5 bow 5 miles west 50ft, 2 bow straight out 45-50ft, 9/11 bow and 2 pick straight out 10 miles, 2 man limit bow west by Point 48-50ft, 3 man limit bow west by Point 47-52ft, 2 man limit bow west 52ft, 10/18 bow west 51ft, 3 man limit bow west 50ft, 7/11 bow and 2 pick west 52ft, 2 man limit bow (10/30 fish) west 50ft, 2 man limit bow (10/35 fish) west 47-51ft, 8/20 bow 10 miles west, 5 bow and 3 pick west 48ft

Water Temps Lake Erie

Water Temps Following Windy Day

It appears that the wind did not turn over the water yesterday according to NOAA reporting. There seems to be a significant change in the mid 30 depth. It looks to me that there may be a thermocline way up at about 35 feet of water.


Water Temps Lake Erie Aug 17 2016

Water Temps Lake Erie Aug 17 2016

Wheatley Fishing Report July 22 2016

Rainbow Fishing Improving

The rainbow fishing is improving out of Wheatley Harbor and I am expecting it to explode now as we get by the next few poor days in this phase of the moon cycle. I went out yesterday and fished until 1:00 PM and I boated 5  for 7 rainbows hooked and 1 small walleye.
The walleye fishing is extremely slow and they are coming in small numbers.
Today was the first day of the tournament. I expected thunderstorms that did not develop and will be out bright and early tomorrow.


SS minnow Wheatley Fishing Report

Wheatley Fishing Improving Slowly

Wheatley Rainbows SS Minnow

Wheatley Rainbows SS Minnow

This is the latest report from Wheatley Harbor

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 – 5:45am  Currently, it is 25ºC/77ºF and is expected to reach 29ºC/84ºF feeling like 39ºC/102ºF. It will be mainly sunny all day with a South-West wind of about 15km/h.  Fishing Report: 2/3 bows and 3 pick gas marker 50ft, 1 bow 3 miles East 50ft, 2/4 bows and 4 pick 8 miles East 50ft, 1/3 bow 5 miles East 45ft, 4/6 bow South/South-East 50ft with the down riggers at 35ft, 1 bow and 2 pick gas marker 50ft.


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