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Yeck Spoons and Polecat Charters

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Yeck Spoons and Polecat Charters

Yeck Spoons and Polecat Charters


Experience sensational fishing for salmon and trout from the port of Ludington Michigan. You need not be surprised when you catch trophy fish with these guys. It all starts in April by trolling the shore for brown trout and steelhead. They then move into June catching King Salmon and Lake trout. July through September brings on the big King salmon and also produces Coho Salmon during mid summer fishing. From September until the the weather is no longer acceptable, you will be able to catch 3 year old salmon and steelhead.
Capt. Doug is also President of YECK lure, LLC. Yeck lures have been top rated for Salmon fishing since Salmon were first introduced into the Great Lakes during the mid 1960’s. 

The use of these great fishing lures is spreading across the Great Lakes. If you haven’t tried one of these baits, you are simply not fishing with the best spoon ever produced. I got my first taste of this great bait last year and I am willing to challenge anyone bait for bait using these spoons on walleye and steelhead here on the North Shore of Lake Erie. My biggest challenge has been finding a supplier. I am still working on that issue and have done considerable research and travelled to a couple of locations to try and find a reliable source. 


Tom Henricks – retired Charter Fishing Captain – North Shore – Lake Erie



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Fishing Western Lake Erie

Those of us living near the Western Basin of Lake Erie, the Detroit River and Lake St Clair region may well be situated at the center of the best freshwater fishing in the world. You will be hard pressed to find better smallmouth bass fishing than available in this great region with all it’s rocky shoreline, open water reefs and islands and great spawning areas. The yellow perch population has made a very remarkable turn around in the past 5 years.

This only leads into the best news. The walleye fishing in Western Lake Erie is now represented by huge numbers of walleyes and several year classes will be caught on any given day.

The significance of this is that there exists better chance to maintain breeding year classes in the foreseeable future. To the un-educated, a day of fishing that produces big boxes of all large fish, may seem a good thing. To the knowledgeable fisherman that fact would be alarming. Big fish are really satisfying to catch, but if you don’t see any small fish, the future of the species may well be in danger. Fortunately recent years have been represented by good numbers of young fish in the daily catch and that bodes well for a few years at least.

The walleye run in the Detroit River during spring can be extremely successful for the fisherman that masters it. This can start the fishing for the year with large numbers of walleyes ranging from heavy monsters during the early part of the season to large numbers of younger fish in late April and May. The key to this fishing is controlling the effects of wind and current. Boat control is KEY to success. When you learn to manage your boat so that perfect vertical jigging is possible, a number of baits will get a positive response from these fish. Nearly of equal importance is water clarity. It is extremely difficult to catch fish in dirty water. The angler should search out the cleanest water of the day and work it to find and catch fish. Water clarity is generally most affected by wind direction and wind strength. Quite often one side of the river will be clean and one side will be dirty. On days when the water is crystal clear everywhere in the Detroit River, prepare for a fun day.

Walleye fishing in the main part of Western Lake Erie starts to come on stronger about Mid June, although weather conditions determine the speed and direction of the movements of the large schools of post spawn walleye. In General these large schools move out of the spawning areas of the south and west part of the basin. They move north in large schools and they turn east when nearing the Canadian shallows. They prefer to nose into the current so extended winds in any particular direction do influence the speed and movement of these schools. For a great day by one of the most knowledgeable and successful walleye fishermen on western Lake Erie, you might contact John Sims who has operated Chante Charters out of Kingsville Ontario for many  years.

This isn’t all of the good news for this area though. Musky fishing in Lake St. Clair is rated as good as any worldwide. Numbers are very good and many big fish are caught by the experienced anglers on nearly a daily basis. If you want a good day fishing and you want to fish with a charter captain that understands these fish, contact Bob Devine who operates Chartertalk Fishing Guide Service.

Now we come to what may arguably be the most addictive fishing we have the opportunity to experience. For several years now, deeper waters east of Point Pelee have offered us simply world class rainbow trout fishing. These fish are exciting to catch and are found in large numbers usually showing up about mid July. Methods of fishing range from wire line, downriggers and using dipsy divers. Fish will even be taken utilizing planer boards and crankbaits. They feed heavily on baitfish. Look for a big school of baitfish and then fish through that school and stay with it. You will catch fish when the fish are feeding (which is often for these fish) and you work the bait fish.

This is only a summary of the great fishing available in the Wheatley to Windsor fishing zone but I hope it wets your appetite. Good luck fishing and “Tight Lines”