Canadian Regulations Fishing US Water Difficult to Comply With

I have heard recent discussions and debate about impractical regulations when we as Canadians jump across the Detroit River to legally fish for a few minutes and return to Canadian water.  I made the calls this morning. After waiting and waiting and talking to several people at both the Canada Border Services Agency and CANPASS/NEXUS and those people putting me on hold several times before answering my questions, I received their definitive answer.

If we cross the river to fish for even 5 minutes, before we return to Canadian soil, we need to call the appropriate telephone number. They will require a bunch of info as listed below. They will then either supply an authorization number to land on Canadian soil or require us remain at the reporting center to be inspected by customs officials. You must do this EVERY TIME you go into US water and plan to return.

When I expressed how impractical this seems, I got a very testy response. It is the rule. If I don’t follow the procedure I can be subjected to large fines, jail time and lose my boat and contents. They don’t really care whether it is practical. They require this procedure to track entry into Canada from other countries.

From Their Website – Recreational boats

The master of a recreational boat is the person in charge. As master of the recreational boat, he or she is required to go to a designated telephone reporting marine site and call the telephone reporting centre at  1-888-226-7277 . No one except the master may leave the boat until the CBSA gives authorization.

Note  To find designated telephone reporting marine sites in your area, call  1-888-226-7277 .

The master is required to follow these steps:

•give the full name, date of birth and citizenship for every person on the boat;

•give the destination, purpose of trip and length of stay in Canada for each passenger who is a non-resident of Canada;

•give the length of absence for each passenger who is a returning resident of Canada;

•give the passport and visa information of passengers, if applicable;

•make sure all passengers have photo identification and proof of citizenship documents;

•declare all goods being imported, including firearms and weapons;

•report all currency and monetary instruments totaling CAN$10,000 or more;

•for returning residents of Canada, declare all repairs or modifications made to goods, including the boat, while these items were outside Canada; and

•give true and complete information.

If no verification is necessary, the border services officer at the TRC will provide a report number to the master. The receipt of this report number will constitute release unless an officer on-site otherwise instructs the master.

If verification is to be conducted, the border services officer at the TRC will advise the master to remain at the site and to ensure that all goods and passengers remain on board until the verification team arrives. The verification team will conduct the verification and provide the master with a report number.

The master must give this number to a border services officer upon request.


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