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I was recently pleasantly surprised to discover that the Canadian Tire Store in Windsor on Tecumseh road east has expanded their selection of hunting products.

This is apparently a test site to gauge the need and response of sportsman in the area and this is one of several Canadian Tire Store test sites.

They are offering a number of items that you just won’t find in a multi-product store in Canada. The new expanded line of products includes a number of products that have been difficult to purchase outside the specialty gun shops.

I discovered a very nice selection of guns and rifles. On speaking with the manager, he was somewhat unsure which products would be best to bring in store but showed me a catalog listing hundreds of different guns and rifles that can be ordered on simple request. Don’t be afraid to ask and if you get a vague response from floor personnel, ask for the manager. This is all new stuff to the staff and they need to be aware of our needs and what the new Canadian Tire Inventory is offering.

You will be happy to discover many products previously difficult to purchase in a general store. Items include rifle brass, rifle powder and reloading dies, brand name scopes (Leupold), scope mounting bases, brand name ammo (such as Nosler), slings, bipods, primers, a nice selection of guns and rifles and many smaller items.

All sportsman need to check out their local Canadian Tire Store and inquire about locations offering this expanded hunting and shooting inventory. We need to support this move and keep it going in the right direction.


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