It seems that in this day and age we are so busy that we do not seem to have enough time for all that we want to do, and that includes spending more time outdoors. We spend our days working and our nights too tired to enjoy anything else.  One of our greatest and most natural routes to mental and physical health is to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some great resources to get you outdoors and enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyles.

In todays marketplace, a wide range of sleeping bags are available. Several issues you will need to consider when deciding on what sleeping bag to purchase include:Temperature and climate will be major factors involved in your decision. Temperature ratings of sleeping bags assume that the camper is going to be laying a ground pad beneath the sleeping bag. If you will be using the sleeping bag mainly in the summer months or possibly even indoors, cabin, or RV, then a simple rectangular sleeping bag or a summer season sleeping bag should do-the-trick. If you are expecting moderate to cold weather, then you should-consider-buying a sleeping bag that is designed primarily to provide-you-with-warmth. When planning a trip in colder conditions ensure you-are-aware of what the coldest temperature will be and select a sleeping bag that is rated for those same conditions.

Will you be carrying the sleeping bag on your back, in a canoe or in the trunk of your car? If you will be carrying your sleeping bag in the trunk of your car, then weight and bulk is not important.

If you know you will be back-packing your sleeping bag or transporting by canoe or small boat, then you will have to consider size and weight of your sleeping bag. When choosing, consider the following:

Mummy style sleeping bags are a great choice for backpackers that will be physicallycarrying the sleeping bag. By design, they are cut in a narrowing pattern. This can reduce a bag’s weight by up to a one half pound. Down insulation is a great choice, especially for backpackers.

Down is light and packages compactly.

When you are ready to use the sleeping bag, the loose insulation effect comes back easily with a couple of shakes.

Synthetic filled sleeping bags usually weigh more and require more space than down filled sleeping bags, but they excel in wet conditions. Synthetic filled bags continue to insulate when wet and they dry quickly. For this reason, synthetic filled sleeping bags are a good choice when camping in wet conditions and during canoe and kayak trips. Sleeping bags will be found in many shapes. Rectangular with a hood, or a mummy shape. Rectangular sleeping bags give you more room but do not retain heat as well. If you are a person that needs to move around when you sleep and staying warm is not your highest priority, maybe a rectangular sleeping bag may be your best choice. Rectangular sleeping bags normally do not include a hood to keep your head warm. Rectangular sleeping bags with hoods are a good alternative to maintain full body heat. Keep-in-mind, because these sleeping bags have a-larger-space-volume, they will not hold the heat in as efficiently as a mummy bag.

Of course the alternative – the mummy style sleeping bag is a smaller size and therefore there is not as much room to move around. This smaller size requires less energy to heat up during night-time than the larger rectangular bag. Mummy bags are a good choice if space, size, weight, and keeping warm are important. Remember, a good sleeping bag can mean the difference in comfort when camping and hiking. Just decide what what you need most in a sleeping bag!
Your Pre Trip Camping Gear and Equipment List
tent and associated set up equipment
bedding, ground cover or cots
lights and batteries
cooking device and fuel
navigation aids (compass, GPS etc.)
communication – FM radio, two way radios, cell phone)
generous first aid kit
water supply if required
insect repellant and sun screen
camp chairs
food supplies as required for your situation
recreation equipment
appropriate clothing and rain gear
required medications
maps and permits

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