New Generation Marine Anti foul Paints – the Boating and Fishing industries are Optimistic

A revolutionary anti foul paint offered by LuminOre Industrial & Marine Coatings Inc. of Ventura, Calif., is catching the attention of boat owners worldwide. LuminOre marine coatings just might be the marine industry’s anti-foulant solution.

 On the West Coast – with the first enforceable regulations to control cuprous oxide from leaching into marine waters from paints used on boat hulls, the marine industry is searching for new solutions to the age-old mariner’ s problem of marine fouling. Anticipation runs high over a new composite metal application offered by LuminOre Industrial & Marine Coatings Inc. of Ventura, Calif. Indications are that it could be the marine industry’s anti-foulant solution.
LuminOre Industrial and Marine Coatings has a primary goal to introduce novel industrial and marine coatings based on various metals, including copper, and a patented cold-spray application process . They are bringing cutting-edge, molecular technology to combat marine fouling. One of the primary factors making LuminOre’s patented process unique is that the copper metal is not held in suspension, but is instead a chemical reaction between the metal molecules and the polymer binder that actually creates a true composite metal.

They proclaim they are committed to developing sophisticated coatings that are more effective and more environmentally friendly than currently available marine applications. LuminOre’s patented cold-sprayable process allows a thin layer of metal to be applied over any substrate, in virtually any configuration or design. Coatings look, feel and act like hot-cast metal, yet no heat is needed in application. From foam to fiberglass or plaster to paper, the LuminOre process adheres to most any surface other than skin and water. Once cured, the product has many of the characteristics of a cast metal, including texture, luster and heat conductivity, and it’  non-galvanic.”

The new anti foul application offers very low toxicity to the environment and to non-target organisms. It is low maintenance and, therefore, low cost over the life of the product. Research indicates this new product has prevented the growth of invertebrates on LuminOre -coated surfaces and that the product is effective against a wide variety of salt and fresh water species. Testing has shown it effective for greater than four years in an aggressive fresh water environment, and effective for greater than eight years in an aggressive fouling salt water environment with little or no maintenance.

Copper is a natural anti-foulant and has been used on the hulls of ships for hundreds of years. But, unlike the days of old when ships’ hulls were clad with copper sheeting using nails as fasteners, the patented cold-spray LuminOre coating can be directly applied as a retro-fit or during the molding process when building the boat. LuminOre marine materials can be used on fiberglass and wood as well as steel and aluminum because there is no galvanic reaction.

It’s benefits have been demonstrated by field research. Testing over the past several years, has shown LuminOre to be an excellent deterrent to marine organisms attaching themselves to hulls or structures beneath the water line. In the Great Lakes, marine fouling from zebra mussels is an annual multi-billion dollar problem.

Test metal plates coated with LuminOre in an active zebra mussel bed for five years have remained free of any hard growth.

LuminOre’s anti foul product is applied using conventional spray equipment, and is available in aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, iron, nickel-silver, stainless steel, X-metal and Z3. This protective coating  withstands the harshest of environments, is non-conductive of electricity and anti-corrosive. .

All toxicology tests have been conducted and EPA submission is still underway for LuminOre copper product and, therefore, not yet available for distribution in the United States.

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