Best Fishing Days

It has been demonstrated many times that the sun and moon have a strong influence on activity of fish and wildlife. I have monitored my best fishing times for many years during my pleasure fishing and years of operating a fishing charter business. Even family and friends often ask me what the solunar tables have indicated for a particular day fishing. It is less than coincidence that the solunar/lunar tables support exactly what these people have experienced out on the water or in the field.

I usually refer to mainly one source for that data. “Prime Times” has been in the business for many years and their data is dependable.  They offer the best line of tools on the internet to get that information.

PrimeTimes was the first to incorporate the solar times into its forecasts, way back in 1986.

Of course outside factors can influence your day. Such things as weather and unusual activity can throw a monkey wrench into things but all factors being equal, certain periods of the day are predictably more active.

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Click Image for Current Solunar/Lunar Tables - Best Fishing Days

Click Image for Current Solunar/Lunar Tables – Best Fishing Days