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Big Boyz Fishing Tournament Wheatley

Thanks Southwest Outdoors Club

SS MinnowWell the tournament is complete and the SS Minnow got bumped off the board Saturday. The fish have moved in nicely just in time for the tournament end unfortunately.

The club did a great job with the tournament again this year. The boat numbers were a little down this year because the fish just weren’t there for most of the tournament. Although walleye were there for the taking in certain places and the odd rainbow was taken sporadically in the early part, numbers never really picked up until the last few days. That did not contribute to the usual large turnout of participants.

If the tournament had started one week later this year, I think we would have seen completely different results but you just never know how it will shape up. The weather really influences the fish movement. A thermocline is just now developing and schools of baitfish are finally forming up in the area.

I hope that doesn’t get the boyz at the club down. THis tournament is a great thing for us locally and I would be extremely disappointed if it did not happen. My personal thanks to the Southwest Outdoors Club. Things would not be the same at Wheatley Harbour without your contribution with this great event.

SS Minnow Wheatley Fishing Report

Fishing Report Wheatley August 3 2013 from SS Minnow

SS Minnow fishing Wheatley

Rainbow Walleye Wheatley July 20 2011

The SS Minnow Wheatley fishing report indicates that it looks like a bunch of fish have moved in for the end of the Big Boyz fishing tournament. I fished Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and did very well on walleyes ( boated 25 walleye myself fishing the SS Minnow) and boated several rainbow trout  as well. It appears that fish are scattered over a wide range and you can catch both species almost anywhere now, A few fishermen occasionally hit on a higher concentration of fish and have a great day.




Looks like the SS Minnow fishing in Wheatley might manage to stay on the board for the top 10 walleye of the tournament but I have been slowly bumped from number 2 to number 7 last check.

Keep tuned in for the Wheatley Fishing Report.


Big Boyz Tournament Wheatley

SS Minnow Fishing Report Wheatley Aug 1 2013

rainbowsIt has been pretty tough fishing this year so far but I think things are changing for the better to finish up the tournament.

I did have the number 2 walleye in the tournament for a short period and then got bumped to number 4 and now bumped to number 6. I don’t know if I can stay on the board until the end with this fish. I guess I need to catch a bigger one.

I fished the last couple days and boated 20 walleye and 2 rainbows. I monitor the radio traffic at home and I couldn’t get out today (Thursday Aug 1) it sounds like a couple of guys whacked some rainbows east 5 to 6 miles.