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The Best Rainbow Fishing Season I Remember

Rainbows and Yeck Spoons Top Off My Year

Yeck Spoons Rule

Yeck Spoons Rule

Well I remember posting quite some time ago that it appeared the rainbow fishing was setting up very nicely out of Wheatley. I would say that is turning out to be an under-statement. I went out again Saturday and took an older friend with me in the SS Minnow.

We had another great day and rainbows were there to be taken again. We really had a lot of fun and we had 21 fish on. As with that game we lost a bunch of them but we did manage to boat 9 rainbow trout and 5 walleye and most of the fish were big. I can’t ever remember the season going on so long and so consistent.

Nothing changed with my baits. As has been the case the whole season – I could have fished my 2 favorite colors of Yeck Spoons and my custon painted color that I call RDP. Yeck spoons are simply the best. Now I just need to convince them to paint my RDP and send me some  “Black Demons” and my my lure dreams have all come true.

Young Angler “Hooked on Rainbows”

Rainbow Fishing 101
Jason "Hooked on Rainbows"I gotta send out a big congratulations to this young guy. He has been seeking advice about what gear he needs to buy and how he should tackle fishing in Lake Erie so that he could catch his first rainbow and walleyes. He broke the ice yesterday and I am real pleased for him. Congratulations Jason!!!!



Jason "Hooked on Rainbows"NOTE FROM JASON
“Hey Tom! We went out today and we were somehow able to catch two rainbow! It was pretty awesome and I’m hooked, no pun intended!.
Thanks for all your help, I pretty much owe these to you.”

Fishing Wheatley August 20 2011

Fishing Wheatley Aug 20 2011

Well, the fishing is really hanging in there at Wheatley. Rainbow and walleye continue to be caught and should hang in until a severe weather change. My whole gang was out fishing saturday. My son Tyler had a good day and boated several rainbows and walleye. My other son Trevor had a great day as well. His trips have been limited this year but he certainly had a big day with the bows and eyes. My luck held on as has been the case this year. I limited out on rainbow and walleye and actually had to release a few bows while trying to fill my limit of eyes. My best color yesterday was the copper “Killer Bee” by Yeck Lures. It caught nearly all my fish. I can’t say enough about Yeck Lures. I could have taken 3 colors most days this year. One color that has been big is my custom painted purple/pink/white bait you will see in previous posts. The other 2 are copper variations by Yeck. There is one more color I need to get to complete the starters for me. I think the purple variation would have also caught me many fish this year and I will be adding some to my arsenal soon.

Yeck Lures  Jerry Lee

Yeck Lures Jerry Lee





Yeck Lures Killer Bee

Yeck Lures Killer Bee





Gotta Get Some of These

Yeck Spoons Black Demon

Yeck Spoons Black Demon

Rule Changes Ontario Moose and Deer Hunters Should Be Aware of

Tom's 2010 Moose

Tom's 2010 Moose

1)  hunters using natural attractants (for example deer urine used for hunting)
2)  anyone who wishes to transport or possess carcasses or their high risk parts of any member of the deer family (moose, deer, caribou) into Ontario from out of province



Refer to these Pages for More Info:

If you hunt in Ontario, natural attractants containing body parts of any member of the deer family may no longer be possessed or used for the purposes of hunting.

If you hunt outside of Ontario and want to possess and/or bring in carcasses or parts of members of the deer family (i.e. deer, American elk, moose and caribou) from out of province, you need to know about the new regulations. These changes are now in effect.
Natural attractants containing body parts of any member of the deer family may no longer be possessed or used for the purposes of hunting
Possession and use of products that contain body parts of any member of the deer family, including blood, urine, gland oils, and other fluids, for the purposes of hunting, is no longer permitted. Hunters will still be allowed to possess and use artificial or plant-based products that can attract wildlife or be used as a cover scent, but they must not contain any body parts of a member of the deer family.
Possession of out-of-province harvested carcasses and their high-risk parts of moose and caribou banned
The possession in Ontario of high-risk parts of moose and caribou killed in other jurisdictions is no longer permitted. Possessing high-risk parts from all other members of the deer family killed out-of-province was banned in 2005.
Generally, it is now illegal to possess any part of the antlers, head, brain, eyes, tonsils, hide, hooves, lymph nodes, spleen, mammary glands, entrails, internal organs or spinal column of any member of the deer family that has been killed outside Ontario. For details about this regulation and limited exceptions to this prohibition, see