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Fishing Report Erie – Leamington

Fishing still seems a bit spotty. Last weekend (July 11-12) walleye fishing was great out off the north end of Pelee Island. There has been some good walleye fishing along the shore of Point Pelee in 32-33 feet of water (this week). The rainbow fishing east of Point Pelee is really sporadic. I expected this to be a great week for fishing. (solunar tables of course) but the weather seems to be fouling up my hopes and expectations. This should be the top period of the month but the weather has not been real stable  for last 2 days and the next 3 days don’t sound great for weather either.

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Walleye Fishing Leamington July 1

Walleye Fishing Leamington July 1
Fishing was very tough July 1. I did catch 5 walleye, lots of giant silver bass and many sheephead. The going was tough though. I marked hordes of nice fish on my fishfinder about 5 miles south of Sturgeon Creek. They were very low in the water and reluctant to take bait. I noticed them rise up to 24-27 feet off the 35 foot bottom for a while and activity picked up a bit.
I was using planer boards (I prefer full size models), dipsey divers (3 different sizes) and a variety of spoons trailing rubber worms.
The mini dipsey with 150 feet of line and on the outside position of the planer board caught 3 walleye. These high walleye often won’t mark on your fishfinder because the boat noise actually scares them away from the viewing area of your fishfinder transducer. Those fish would have been down about 15 feet deep in the water.
I lost a couple of big fish through poor hookups or “user error”
Tight Lines and Stay Tuned – I see good things coming.

Fishing Report Erie July1

Fishing Report Erie July1
Good news for some – Numbers of walleyes and rainbow being caught east of Wheatley down by the windmills.
Going fishing myself right now out of Leamington. Things have been slow there and weather is poor so don’t know what to expect but will get first hand information anyway.
Tight Lines!