It has been a bit of an odd year fishing on the waters of Western Lake Erie. The walleye just did not move into the Canadian mainland waters in a typical fashion. A long extended run did not materialize along Leamington, Kingsville and Colchester. Although there were some spotty great walleye fishing days in these areas, the fish seemed to hold up in the Pelee Island areas where western Lake Erie walleye fishing seemed to reach a much more successful level.

Some nice walleye fishing occurred east of Point Pelee although these days were spotty as well. The rainbow trout fishing was great in the waters east of Point Pelee.

Unfortunately we now find ourselves in the reriod of our fishing the north shore of western Lake erie fishing where walleye fishing typically slows down for the year. Who knows though, this may surprise us with something unusual as well and provide us with some late season bonuses.


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