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Steve Derbyshire

It is a fun time of the year. the Big Boyz fishing tournament is going on. Me and my 2 boys always love it, catch a few nice fish and enjoy the challenge.
WE have a big problem though. If you are going to get high on the leader board, you will no doubt need to catch a bigger fish than “Derb” has put on the board.
He is without a doubt the Richard Petty of Wheatley fishing. We may get lucky aand get a bigger fish than Derb on the odd day but there is no way we will better him in the long haul.  It is sort of like beating Kyle Busch in a Nascar race. You won’t do it often but dam it feels good the odd time you do.

Feast On some of these Pics With Derb

Britt Anne Nice Fish




Happy Boys

Gary – Big Fish

Nice Lynette!

Lynette Again Wow


A day fishing with Derb can be a dream come true for you. He will take you on a charter you will enjoy and remember.



Big Boyz Fishing Tournament

Big Boyz Fishing Tournament – It is Time


Need More Like This

Bow July 15 2017

Wheatley Fishing July 22 2017

Water Temps – No Thermocline

Fishing is very good for pickerel (walleye)  and rainbow trout in a wide range of water depths.

It looks as though no temperature thermocline has set up to this point in time.

Water Temps July 20 2017


Wheatley Fishing Report July 12 2017

Fish Caught as Reported at Wheatley Marina

Fishing Report July 12 2017
2/3 rainbow trout East 40ft
10 rainbow trout & 2 pickerel (walleye) 3.5 miles East (Jerry Lee orange lure)
5/9 rainbow trout East
5 rainbow trout & 4 pickerel (walleye) East
3 rainbow trout East Provincial Park
2 rainbow trout & 6 pickerel (walleye) East 64ft (pink lure)
14/23 rainbow trout & 4 pickerel (walleye) 8 miles East
10 rainbow trout & 4 pickerel (walleye) East 1st windmills 51-54ft (Jerry Lee lure)
4/6 rainbow trout & 4 pickerel (walleye) 4 miles East 60ft
4/8 rainbow trout 4 miles East, 6 rainbow trout 5 miles East
3/6 rainbow trout & 2 pickerel (walleye) 8 miles East 50ft
1 rainbow trout 5 miles East
9 rainbow trout &1 pickerel (walleye) East 50ft
8 rainbow trout & 3 pickerel (walleye) East gas well
4 rainbow trout & 1 pickerel (walleye) 10 miles East
2 man limit pickerel (walleye) South-East 55ft

Rating Fishing Days

Will it Be a Good day Fishing and What Time

If you know me or follow my posts you may be aware that I believe the theory that the moon strongly affects fish and wildlife activity. I have followed it for years and use software to help make some predictions. It is science but not the last word. Of course factors such as the weather will be a major influence on any given day.

Some of the info you can get (and much more) using the Ultimate Primetimes Software that you will find HERE

This is one Example for the day of the Full Moon which is usually rated well.

Primetimes Software


Daily Ratings


A Fishing Guide’s Discoveries Regarding Lunar and Solar Affect

A long time fishing guide and pro fisherman, Joe Bucher has recorded stats and activity for many years. He often pondered the validity of factors such as full moon, dark moon, and major and minor activity periods.

In 1976, when Joe decided to become a full time fishing guide, he began documenting daily fishing catches and solunar chart predictions. He was then able to use his data from catches that included hundreds of muskies, and thousands of bass and walleyes on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis. He cross referenced his data to the predicted activity levels from some of these solunar tables and learned more about determining the best time to go fishing.

One conclusion immediately came to mind. His analysis convinced him that some of the traditional solar, lunar criteria proved all too often to have no validity. He came to the conclusion that most of the solunar tables published offered no real consistent correlation to fishing success and at that point he decided to put these theories on the back burner.

Over time he just couldn’t continue to ignore this popular theory. Why do you suppose it kept nagging at him? It was because he actually discovered that there was in fact a certain solar and lunar effect on fish activity. His discovery worked so well that it was hard to believe at first. His daily fishing logs had surely disputed the commonly accepted predictions, but they just as surely pointed to indisputable evidence that here did exist solar and lunar factors that were worthy of closer attention.

His ultimate conclusion is now that the rise and set of both the sun and moon has far more impact than any other daily sun or moon position. That is without exception the single most important daily triggering factor of both fish and game. Monthly peaks in both the full and new moon are a secondary factor definitely worth considering.

Read My Complete Post HERE



Fishing Report Wheatley July 4 2017

Wheatley Fishing for Rainbows and Walleye Fishing

Fish July 4 2017

Caught some fish 6 miles East in 50 feet of water. There were many fish high in the water again and large schools of baitfish on bottom with fish on those schools. Morning bite slow and a run just before noon.  Last night there was a screaming bite in that general area just before dark. A couple of fishermen  were reporting they couldn’t keep lines in the water but the fish were high and crazy and they couldn’t get them to the boat!




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